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Late Night Software becomes the new home of the discussion forum.

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Mark, this would be the perfect opportunity to move from the antiquated BBS format of MacScripter to a modern forum like Discourse. I think it would be great to have it all under the LNSW forum.

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I agree, moving to Discourse has lots of advantages.

There are a few structural issues that need to be addressed. For instance, presently we have some duplication of effort covering AppleScript here and on MacScripter. Part of the challenge will be to maintain MacScripter’s technology and product independence.

Thank you, Mark and Shane, for being willing to take this on. Once again, LNS is proving to be the center of the AppleScript universe. An essentially two-person operation making it work in an environment which is increasingly challenging for small, independent developers. Much gratitude.

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Thanks for taking this on, Mark!

I often use searches in MacScripter and get good helpful results from posts 10 years old or older. I hope any attempt to modernize or improve preserves that extensive archive and maintains or improves its search capabilities. I would prefer that to any modern forum. I actually prefer MacScripter’s search and search results to Discourses.