macOS Mojave Dark Mode

By the way, and on a totally unrelated note, support for Mojave’s beautiful dark mode would almost certainly get me to upgrade to v7 as well and might be a little easier to implement…? Just saying.

As has been the case for past macOS releases, we’ll produce maintenance releases supporting macOS Mojave. Dark Mode will be among the issues we’ll address.


Thanks, Mark.

Any indications yet whether or not Mojave will have fewer issues (and maybe fix) the High Sierra issues? Or is it too soon to tell?

I’m at Sierra and holding, hopeful Mojave will fix things. Plus I really like the Dark Mode.

That’s fantastic news! :grinning:

I’m sorry to report that Dark Mode support will not appear with the release of macOS Mojave (10.14). Supporting Dark Mode turns out to be a much larger task that I anticipated. We will work towards incorporating Dark Mode support as quickly as we can in a future Script Debugger release.

That’s fine. :slightly_smiling_face: Is there an ETA for this? Probably as part of Script Debugger 8 then?

Yes, probably. Xcode 10 has thrown us some curve balls we are still working on (25+ year old C++ code - I’ll say no more :slight_smile: ). Once these issues are resolved we can turn our attention to dark mode.

:see_no_evil: sounds good!

Hey Mark,

So… I can’t find any Dark Mode option in SD (I’m on SD 7.0.12 – the latest I believe?) even now two years and two macOS versions later. With almost all of my other apps in Dark Mode now, SD is a little jarring being one of only a few remaining with glaring white windows. (Although interesting to note, AppleScript Editor still has glaring white windows too… coincidence? related issue?)

Am I missing anything or is this still pending? If pending, any news/ETA/etc?

Your efforts are appreciated. Would love to hear how this is going.


Full Dark Mode support is coming in Script Debugger 8.

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