Mac Automation Scripting Guide

This looks new from Apple:

That was released in March, but it looks like it’s recently been updated.

It is interesting, and confusing. A guide with this same title existed before, but in the URL from above, this guide is in the “prerelease” section on Apple’s web site.

The page at

says this is a “New Document” as of 2016-07-30

Document Revision History
This table describes the changes to Mac Automation Scripting Guide.

New document that provides an introduction to using AppleScript and JavaScript to streamline workflows and increase productivity in OS X.

I wonder if this is part of the documents for macOS Sierra, and if there have been any changes since El Capitan?

I’ve only looked at a bit of it, but it’s the same document as before. There have been some changes – ASCII character and ASCII number have finally been removed, although replaced with just the ASCII characters – but I don’t think it’s particularly dramatic.

AppleScript is still showing version 2.5, so if there are going to be changes there, they’re probably still to come.