Lot of windows open in SD

Added 2/19/18 7:23 PST
I forgot to mention when I was moving the mouse in the video I had the mouse button pressed down. I noticed this problem when I tried to select text in the window with so many tabs in the window and kept having the tab being dragged out of the window to the point I was not able to select text more that twice in a row no matter how careful I was. I had a huge number of tabs dragged out of the window and they cluttered the screen so much I couldn’t find anything in the pile of windows and in all that I managed to select text in the window 5 or 6 times. But as long as I didn’t select another tab then the last one left active after creating the windows things worked ok. It was only when I activated a new tab by clicking it that things went wrong.

Added 2/19/18 8:03 PST
This test was done in SD7-lite mode

I included a movie of the screen to show the problem and a copy of the console output for this post in a zip archive called Files.zip.

For the test I created 100 tabs in a window. The in the recording it shows moving the cursor to the left twice without changing the current tab. Then I change the current tab and make the same exact movement again and this time it tries to move the tab out of the window.

Amazing enough script debugger seemed to work ok with so many tabs open except when I moved the mouse like shown in the video. It would keep dragging the tab out of the window. Apparently something was overloaded when it came to window management. But when it had so many windows open moving to the left kept constantly dragging tabs out of the window.

This might well me a limit for the window manager that can’t be exceeded. I do not know if that is the case. While you might not be able to fix it I thought I would bring it to your attention.

But to create 100 tabs in a SD window is pretty easy. Just hold down the “command” and “J” keys and auto repeat creates windows very fast. Other then the tabs being pulled out of the window the other things seemed to work pretty well.

Since this did not crash SD I included a copy of the console output during the test. Otherwise you wouldn’t have anything to look at. It is a long console listing that starts at the moment I started to create tabs up to and including trying to work with tabs in the window.

Files.zip (2.2 MB)