Localizing enhanced applet and Sparkle


I want to localize my Applet to German. I duplicated the en.lproj folder and renamed it to de.lproj. In the file localizable.strings are only a few strings to translate. So I tried to add strings for the Main menu but it does not work. Also the sparkle updater only has resources for English. If I add the German.lproj from the Sparkle download to the framework which is included by Script Debugger my Applet does not start anymore. So I tried to resave and sign my Applet again. But then Script Debugger removes the added resources from the Sparkle framework.

Does anyone have hints how to localize advanced Applets completly?

Thanks in andvance

To localize the strings appearing in the Enhanced Applet UI, you need to add a Main.strings file to your de.lproj folder. Here is the English version of the file you can use as a starting point.

Main.strings.zip (2.4 KB)

For Sparkle, we’ll have to fix that at our end. We removed all the localizations to make the Enhanced Applet shell smaller.

In the meantime, if you want to copy the German.lproj folder from the Sparkle distribution into your built applet, then you’ll have to codesign the resulting applet yourself from the Terminal command line:

codesign --force --deep --sign "Developer ID Application: your-name (hexid)" i- "your bundle ID" /path/to/your/script.app

You can find your Developer ID identity with this command:

security find-identity -p codesigning -v | egrep -o '"(.*)"$'

NOTE: every time Script Debugger saves your applet it will replace your modified version of the Sparkle framework with its own, forcing you to repeat these steps.

Thanks for the hint with the codesigning and the Stings file.