Loading script fails after adding use framework "Foundation"

NOTE: Same script worked in earlier versions of OS (Mojave,high Sierra,etc). Seeing this problem only in Catalina
I need to use Foundation framework for making some objc related calls in scripts. After I add this line loading script files and throws below error

Can’t make current application into type file.

After removing use framework “Foundation”, it works fine

use AppleScript version "2.4" -- Yosemite (10.10) or later
use scripting additions
use framework "Foundation"
set Lib to load script POSIX file "/Library/Application Support/iManage/script/Utilities.scpt"

Should I use different way to load script when using foundation framework.

Any help much appreciated

You have to use file specifiers differently when you include a use framework statement. This isn’t Catalina specific; your script (with different path) fails here under 10.14, too.

The solution is to use coercions rather than specifiers. So:

set iManageLib to load script ("/Library/Application Support/iManage/script/iManageUtilities.scpt" as POSIX file)

In this particular case, with a POSIX path you probably don’t need a specifier at all:

set iManageLib to load script "/Library/Application Support/iManage/script/iManageUtilities.scpt"

The same thing happens with the specifier file, although the fix is a bit different there.

(You can format your code here by putting lines consisting of thee back-ticks (that’s ```) before and after. I’ll edit your post as an example.)

Where can I get this information about using file specifiers when we include use framework statement. All my scripts are working fine before and I see these issues only after I upgraded to Catalina beta. I am facing issues with using alias as well

set the defaultDestinationFolder to "/Library/Application support/example"
set destinationfolder to ((defaultDestinationFolder) as alias)

I see below error
Can’t make “/Library/Application support/example” into type alias.

There’s no documentation, but it has been covered here a few times. It’s just a known bug.

You can’t use as alias with a POSIX path – you never could. You use POSIX file with POSIX paths and alias with HFS paths.

As far as I’m aware, there’s been no change in this behavior with Catalina betas, at least so far.