LNSOSAX Universal

Hi @alldritt
Do you have any plans to release a Universal version of LNSOSAX.app?
If not – can I feel safe that it will work fine in Rosetta mode?
I’m aware you see LNSOSAX as an intermediate solution, recommending dependencies to it to be phased out. In my case, however, such a change will take some time while compatibility to M1 Macs are more urgent.
Our processes ar quite performance dependent, so an Universal version would be welcome if that would maximise performance better than Rosetta emulation.

Simply put: no.

The problem with LNSOSAX is that we are unable to rebuild these scripting additions using contemporary compilers. The problem with SatimageOSAX is that we don’t have the source code for these scripting additions - that belongs to someone else.

If LNSOSAX works today in Rosetta (and I see no reason it wound not), then it will continue to work as long as Rosetta exists.

And frankly, I don’t imagine that native compilation will make a huge difference. Most of the overhead is in the cross-process AppleEvents and that will not change significantly with the code being M1 native. If you are processing massive XML documents then perhaps there would be an improvement. If that is the case, I highly recommend moving the ASObjC - there are lots of examples here showing how to process XML using Foundation.

Okay! Thanks for your answer, Mark.