List of available frameworks

I’m sure this has been asked before, I might have even asked it myself before…but I can’t seem to find here or elsewhere a definitive list of which frameworks can or can not be imported.

My current need is to establish if I can bridge to CoreServices framework, but it’d be useful if there was some easy way to look up whether a framework can be used or not.

It’s not so much a framework issue, as whether its methods or functions deal in types that can be bridged. So C-based frameworks are usually largely out of bounds because they deal mostly with CFType classes, and others tend to deal with C classes that aren’t bridged. If you find a method or function that takes and returns the right types, you’re generally in business (notwithstanding potential .bridgesupport issues).

OK, I think I get that. Thx.

So is there documentation that lists the “types that can be bridged” and which are “the right types”?

Not that I know of. You’re right with most of the NS- classes, plus types like BOOL, int, double, and so on. And you’re generally right with structs if they’re defined properly in the .bridgesupport file.

But a lot of the C-based APIs want you to pass pointers to various types, and that’s where you hit problems. But really, it’s often a case of suck it and see.