Library dictionaries in apps in Scripts folder not displaying

I have “Shane’s Script Library Pack” installed. Of the three libraries included only the Myriad Tables dictionary appears in the dictionary options to the left.

These two are missing:
SQLite Lib2

→ Script Debugger 8.0.3 (8A49)
→ MacOS 11.6.2

Where is the app living?

“/Users/edstockly/Library/Script Libraries/Shane’s Script Library”

I’m seeing (or not seeing) the same thing in both my laptop and Mac mini.

Also, I tried moving it to the system Library scripts folder and then the Myriad Tables dictionary wasn’t showing either.

But, after quitting and relaunching SD, Myriad tables reappeared but not the other two

Yes, I can recreate the problem here. Should be fixed in the next version.

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I started using FastScripts on this mac, and I’m noticing that in the Running category of the left pane in the dictionary window, there are three versions of FastScript.

“FastScripts,” and two versions of “FastScript Script Runner.”

→ Script Debugger 8.0.3 (8A49)
→ MacOS 11.6.2
→ FastScripts 3.0.5 (1572)

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FastScripts Script Runner is appearing because it lists itself as a scriptable app. I’m checking if that needs to be the case.

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Thanks for the heads-up! I probably don’t need to have that flag set - it might be vestigial from earlier in development. I’ll have to double check, but if I can I’ll remove it!

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Do these commands work? I was going to play with them:

display message
open web page

Also, does FastScripts have a way of showing progress?

Yes, the “display message” an “open web page” commands are part of FastScripts’s additions, so you use them by telling FastScripts itself, not the script runner. For example:

tell app "FastScripts"
    display message "Hi" at screen position top left dismissing after delay 1 
end tell

The open web page command does some smarts to navigate in whatever your default browser is in the active window to the specified URL. I use it myself to write scripts that serve as shortcuts to web pages I visit often.

FastScripts does support showing progress since 3.0 was released. If you run a script like:

set progress total steps to 100
repeat with i from 1 to progress total steps
set progress description to "Take one down, pass it around"
    set progress additional description to ((i as string) & " bottles of beer on the wall")
    set progress completed steps to i
    delay 0.15
end repeat

Then you will see the progress of the running script displayed in the FastScripts menu itself, near the top of the menu.

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I built a 3.0.6b1 update with the NSAppleScriptEnabled Info.plist key removed. In my quick tests here it seems to work to get the script runners to not show up in Script Debugger.

Let me know if you try it how it goes!


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The changes that were shared in the 3.0.6b1 update are now officially released in 3.0.6, which I just published today.

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