Learning by doing, please help

Can someone help me kickstart my learning AppleScript please?

Background: I recently learned of the existence of Script Debugger (from John Gruber) and since I’ve always wanted to learn Applescript I decided this was the perfect opportunity. SD looks amazing! So I decided to start easy with just making a script to connect to a server in the favorite list of Panic’s Transmit (5.7.4). It sounded like a very easy thing to do for someone who learned a lot of programming languages over the years. coughs

So if someone could tell me how that’s done it would help me greatly figure out how everything is related. I naively tried several things but haven’t succeeded. Yet.


Welcome. Does this help:

Yes it does! Thanks!

I’m sure the Panic folks mean well, but I grade their scripting interface C-. It works, but its not designed to foster success for the uninitiated.

Well, I’m glad it was not just me! I guess I chose poorly for something to “start easy” :slight_smile: