Last entry labeled popup

Can a labeled popup hold is last entry with initial choice?

Yes. Use: initial choice

Here’s an example from a script I happened to have open:

   set {sourcePopup, popupLabel, theTop} to ¬
      create labeled popup gameOptionsList ¬
         bottom (theTop + 12) ¬
         popup width 100 ¬
         max width accViewWidth ¬
         label text ("Source of Game Data:") ¬
         popup left 140 ¬
         initial choice lastDataSource

Hint: If you open the Dialog Toolkit Plus dictionary, select the create labeled popup command, you can click the paste tell button in the tool bar, or drag and drop the command into your script, and you’ll see the command with all it’s options and placeholders for the values. You can then tab through each place holder to assign it a value or a variable.

It looks like this:

set #~result_Any_List~# to create labeled popup #~Text_List~# ¬
		left inset #~Number~# ¬
		bottom #~Number~# ¬
		popup width #~Number~# ¬
		max width #~Number~# ¬
		label text #~Text~# ¬
		popup left #~Number~# ¬
		initial choice #~Number_or_Text~#


Thanks for the tip. I’m going to work with it.