Keyboard Maestro Macro to Paste Script in Discourse Forum

Hey guys,

To make it really easy to paste a script into a forum post here, including converting [TAB] to 2 [SPACE]s, I have built and published this Keyboard Maestro Macro:

Of course it requires Keyboard Maestro, but it is a great tool that, IMO, almost all of you should have. If you don’t have/want KM, I’m sure this macro could be converted to an AppleScript. But the KM macro is triggered by text expansion:


"; " – Paste AppleScript Block
";km.js " – Paste JavaScript Block

NOTE: Both Typed Strings END with a single SPACE

Of course, you can change the triggers, and # of spaces/TAB to your liking.

The macro converts TABs to spaces, and pastes the 3 backtics, and script language, along with your script.

If you want to buy Keyboard Maestro, click here for a 20% discount.