Key Bindings Preference Setting

The Key Bindings tab of Script Debugger Preferences contain many shortcut keys which are not necessary for me and so I disabled them. This worked fine until I quit and restarted Script Debugger, at which point the keyboard bindings had reset to their defaults. Thanks for the help.

2018 Mac mini - macOS Catalina - Script Debugger 8.0.1 (licensed)

Do you mean version 8.0.1?

Thanks Shane. I did mean 8.0.1 and I’ve corrected my post.

That certainly shouldn’t be happening. Would you mind doing a test?

  • Quit Script Debugger and make a copy of its preferences file.

  • Launch it again, make one change (preferably not to a common combo), and quit again.

  • Wait about 30 seconds then make a second copy of the preferences file.

  • Launch and see if the change has stuck.

  • If not, email me both in a .zip file (and tell me which you changed).

Shane. I ran the tests and the change I made did not stick. So, I emailed you the zip file along with a bit of detail.

BTW, changing the keyboard shortcut to another keyboard shortcut does stick (I hadn’t checked this before). It’s clearing the keyboard shortcut that doesn’t stick.