Just had a system crash-Probably not SD related

Just had a kernel panic. SD7 was running in the BG, and probably wasn’t the cause, but I’m reporting just incase this happens to others.

I don’t get these very often, maybe two or three times a year. I wasn’t doing anything unusual (for me) at the time of the crash.

I was going back and forth between Chrome and Safari at the time.

Here’s the Apple Crash report https://www.dropbox.com/s/u9kife1g6th7xnu/KernelPanic-2018-02-27-5-30.txt?dl=0

–> Script Debugger 7.0 (7A37)
–> Script Debugger 6.0.8 (6A220)
–> Mac OS 10.11.6 (15G1611)

I cannot tell to much from the panic log. Looks like safari was the running process at the time of the crash:

BSD process name corresponding to current thread: com.apple.WebKit

And from the names visible in the log the problem had something to do with Virtual Memory, possibly compressing. This is well below the application layer.