iWork Pages - latest Update Breaks placing Images by position

The latest update to Mac “Pages” app breaks the ability to place images on a page by positional values. Images are stacked in the wrong position on the page rather than individually placed.

Example: (From macOSautomation sample)

set thisImage to make new image with properties {file:targetImageFile, width:shapeWidth, height:shapeHeight, position:{thisHorizontalOffset, thisVerticalOffset}, description:placeholderText}

anyone else experiencing this? Any Ideas?

Has anyone progress been made with this?

I looks like in the version I have (version 8.1 (6369), most recent available that runs OMM) images don’t go where I want them to.

Has anyone found a workaround?

Not much help, perhaps, but tested in context, the line in post 1 works correctly for me with both Pages 5.6.2 in El Capitan and Pages 10.0 in Mojave, although the image is scaled rather than set to both dimensions.

The dictionaries claim that ‘images’ are contained by ‘iWork containers’, ‘documents’, and ‘sections’, but trying to ‘make’ one in anything other than a ‘page’ results in an error.

Yes, I worked in version 5.x, where I could actually name text boxes.

That stopped working sometime between 5 and 8.

For one project I was able to switch to tables, which you can name, and I’ve finished the project, except for the last step which takes pdf files generated and places them in documents two on a page for printing.

That should be the simplest part of the whole project.