Issues with macOS Mojave Beta 4

I’m not sure what the impact of this is on AppleScript, but I thought you early adopters might want to know.

Please be aware that any discussion of macOS Mojave betas needs to respect Apple’s NDA agreements. I’ll leave this topic for the present, but if anything posted concerns non-public information, I’ll have to pull the topic.

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Mark, I had no idea this would be an issue here. Please remove post if it causes any grief. :wink:

So, are users running Mojave betas not supposed to report issues they find with apps to the app developer, and vice-versa? What about AppleScript issues?

No, they’re not. They’re supposed to report them directly to Apple, who will decide whether to pass them on to the developers.

It’s worth considering that issues beta-testers find with 3rd-party apps in beta versions of macOS could be

i. a problem with the 3rd-party app
ii. a problem with the beta macOS
iii. a problem with the user
iv. any combination of the above

Apple make all beta testers sign an NDA to report problems to them, and only them, so that they can determine which of those 4 are likely in play. If they determine it’s (i.), they (say that they will) pass it on to the developers.

We can agree or disagree with that logic and that workflow, but basically anyone testing beta versions of macOS agrees to be bound by those rules and should stick to them.