Issue with Show/Hide Toolbar in SD6

Running Script Debugger 6.0.4 (6A198) on macOS 10.11.6.

There seems to be a small, but irritating, inconsistency in the Show/Hide Toolbar action.

If I have multiple windows open:

  • Right-click on title bar of one window, and select “Hide Toolbar”, and it does that for ONLY that window.
  • Goto menu View > Hide Toolbar, and it does that for ONLY for the window that has focus.
  • Inconsistency: Press the shortcut for “Show/Hide Toolbar”, ⌥⌘T, and it applies to ALL windows.

I would much prefer the shortcut to work like the other methods, especially since the menu shows that shortcut:


Hey JM,

This is happening, because you’ve chosen Option as part of your keyboard shortcut.

Option toggles the behavior from one to all.


Thanks, Chris. That solves it! :smile:

I’m wondering, though, how does one know that “Option toggles the behavior from one to all” ?
Did I miss this being stated somewhere?

I don’t see anything about this on the Pref screen:

Nor do I see anything about this in the SD6 Help:

Key Bindings:

The table lists all of Script Debugger’s menus and menu items, in hierarchical outline format. By clicking the disclosure triangles (or by double-clicking a line), drill down to the menu item whose keyboard shortcut you’d like to alter.

To change a keyboard shortcut:

Click the Set button, or double-click the menu item listing. The Keystroke dialog opens.

With the Keystroke dialog showing, type a keyboard shortcut. It must involve at least the Command key or the Control key, or be a Function key (F1, F2, etc., plus Home, Page Up, and so on). It may additionally involve any combination of modifier keys (Shift, Control, Option, Command). Script Debugger warns you if you type a keyboard shortcut that is already in use by another menu item.

While the Keystroke dialog is showing:

To remove an existing keyboard shortcut:

Click Clear.
To undo your changed keyboard shortcut:

Click Revert.
To adopt your new keyboard shortcut:

Click OK.
To back out of the dialog without making any changes:

Click Cancel.
To remove an existing keyboard shortcut from a menu item, so that that item has no keyboard shortcut, select it and click Clear. This is the same as opening the Keystroke dialog and clicking Clear and then OK.

It’s not Script Debugger specific but part of the OS – you will see the same thing in Script Editor, TextEdit, etc – any app that has the View/Hide Toolbar command.

It would really be helpful if you would:

  • Add that notation to the SD6 Pref window
  • Add that info to the SD6 Help File – Key Bindings

You know, I think I may remove the entire Key Bindings facility in SD7. It is the cause of no end of problems. Sometimes Apple changes things and sometimes its a latent SD bug. Given that this can all be done through System Preferences, there is less and less benefit for SD to offer the facility.

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I haven’t see any problems with the facility itself. This is just a case of needing a little better documentation. You only need to add one line.

I find it very useful and easy to use having all of the shortcuts in one place. Please don’t remove it.

Hey Mark,

Please DON’T do that!

The system keyboard shortcuts UI is DREADFUL and buggy.

It won’t work with various key-combinations.

Registered shortcuts don’t always work properly – sometimes a menu must be opened before it/they work – sometimes they fail completely.

Apple has broken various aspects of them several times now.

Apple has dropped this particular ball in a big way and has never picked it up again.


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