ISSUE: SD6 Tab Readability

###ISSUE: SD6 Tab Readability
Running Script Debugger 6.0.4 (6A198) on macOS 10.11.6.

I have two issues with the display of SD6 Tabs:

  1. The untitled documents/tab do NOT show up in tabs displayed at top of window.
  • All tabs that are NOT selected are very hard to see/read
    • The text contrast (dark grey text on slightly darker grey background) is very poor.
    • The text size is too small, particularly for those of us over 40 and/or with poor eyesight.
      • I realize there is a balance between text size and display space, so I’d suggest making text size a preference setting.


Changes to fix these issues would be greatly appreciated.


The absent tabs does seem like some sort of bug, but I’m not able to easily reproduce it here. If you can give me repeatable steps to cause this to happen, I’ll take a look.

Regarding the tab appearance issues, we are working towards removing our own tabbed UI interface in favour of the one Apple provides in macOS Sierra for future versions of Script Debugger. I doubt we’ll be able to provide font size settings, but Apple’s tabbed UI will probably be more rebate than the one we have now.

It is easy enough to reproduce:

  1. Open several documents in separate tabs in the same window, say about 5 or 6.
  • Open one or more new, untitled tabs in the same windo
  • Observe that the untitled tabs do NOT show in the tab list at the top of the window.

Because of the many bugs/issues that Sierra causes, some of us are staying with El Capitan (or even earlier macOS versions).
I would hope that you would release an update to SD6 using the current tab scheme that addresses the readability issue. Surely it is not that hard to adjust the text contrast and provide a preference setting for font size.

This doesn’t happen to me on macOS 10.12.4 with Script Debugger 6.0.5 (6A203).

However – there is an oddity…

As you can see in the first image the name is not fully visible in the tab. (The tab was created with Cmd-Shift-T.)

The next tab (created in the same fashion) shows the complete title.

If I create another one it WON’T show the complete title.

If I create another one it WILL show the complete title.

Something’s just a bit off there…


Running Script Debugger 6.0.4 (6A198) on macOS 10.11.6.

OK, try this:

  1. Open 2 “untitled” tabs
  • Open 3 docs from Recent Docs
    • All looks OK
  • Open another from Recent Docs
    • Notice the “untitled” tabs have shrunk
  • Open another doc
    • Notice the “untitled” tabs have disappeared

Okay, I see the issue. It all revolves around how tab overflow is handled. I’ve field a bug.

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