Is there an "XMLLib" Script Library?

Is there a replacement for XMLLib OSAX that will work in Catalina?

(prompted by Shane Stanley’s release of RegexAndStuffLib Script Library)

Short answer, none that I know of. One of the issues is that it covers so much ground.

But you can do quite a lot with ASObjC, and it’s pretty fast if you can work with Xpath. There are some examples of parsing XML using ASObjC in this forum.

I’ve created the Satimage OSAX app which hosts the XMLLib scripting addition along with the other Satimage OSAXen. See this post:

It’s not been notarized yet so may not run on Catalina but that is easily solved before Catalina ships.

It might be a good time to remove sandboxing, too.

Thanks, Mark. I’ve been using SatimageOSAX in Mojave, but had the impression it wouldn’t be compatible with Catalina. So I’ll continue using SatimageOSAX in Catalina (after it’s notarized).

I’ve just posted notarized versions of SatimageOSAX and LNSOSAX to support Catalina beta 4 and later.

Mark, do you know if the underlying Satimage.osax is fully 64-bit? My impression is that it, or parts of it, are 32-bit.

Or does your app fix that?

I’ve no idea. The SatimageOSAX app I created provides a signed and notarized host to load and execute the scripting additions. This satisfies the elevated security restrictions imposed by Mojave and Catalina.

If some of the scripting additions are 32-bit then they will fail to load and attempts to invoke them via the SatimageOSAX app will result in Event Not Handled errors.

I cannot correct this problem. The Satimage scripting additions need to be recompiled from source with a modern version of Xcode by the Satimage folks. Given that they have been silent for a long time I think its safe to assume that this isn’t going to happen.

FWIW, the navchoose related commands aren’t 64-bit. (Not that they’re a great loss, although some people were fans of the ability to choose files and folders in the one dialog.)

Also FWIW, from testing, the Satimage and XMLLib modules of both non-notarized and notarized versions of SatimageOSAX work in the current beta (b4) of Catalina.