Is there a way to change the image size of a Mail attachment with AppleScript

I’m setting up a email script that attaches an image but I can’t figure out how to change that Image Size: dropdown to small. Anyone know if it possible and how to accomplish it?

You’re using Apple Mail?

You’ll have to preprocess the image.

AppleScript does not have access to that capability.

Although it’s possible you could use UI-Scripting to get there, I wouldn’t want to fight with it.

I’d probably use ImageMagick myself.

On the other hand Shane my have some AppleScriptObjC tricks up his sleeve. (I did a quick search on the forum and didn’t find anything.)


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Would Image Events be able to do this, or has that ceased to function in recent times ?

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Image Events should be fine, although from memory there may be a bit of an issue with aliases. The main thing is to remember to give it Full Disk Access, otherwise you risk silent failures when it tries to read something where it’s not, by default, allowed.

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