Is something up with OpenQuickly?

It doesn’t seem nearly as reliable as before. Several times I’ve done searches for terms in scripts that I know were in many and it only turned up one or two. In some cases it missed handler names; in other cases variable names or parts of words.

For example I use the variable “tableHeader” frequently.

Searching for that only turned up one result.

It’s been frustrating because it’s been so reliable in the past. Anyone else notice an issue?

Yes, I’ve noticed this as well.

Nothing within the Open Quickly code has changed since the release of Script Debugger 7. I suspect that something has change in the Spotlight implementation on recent versions of macOS.

Recent versions of macOS?

–> Script Debugger 7.0.12 (7A112)
–> Mac OS 10.11.6 (15G22010)

Seriously, I haven’t changed my OS in a while, but something has changed.

Have you tried using Spotlight, or Spotlight in Finder, directly?
I’ve had great success with both.

Thanks, reporting this as a bug.

If Sportlight is working well why would OpenQuickly not work as well?

I’ve noticed two more issues.

First, and I think this might be a regression, I’m a pretty fast touch typist, but when I start typing a search term as soon as I get two letters into the term it starts searching and hangs for a bit. After a few seconds it displays the matches it found then the rest of what I typed appears in the field and it searches for that.

Second, twice now I’ve selected a script in the results and clicked open and it opened a different script. The different script had no relation to the one I wanted to open. Not in the same folder; the one I wanted was an app the one that opened was a compiled script.