Is Shane's book still available, if so where?


OK, I feel like I’ve arrived here a few years too late, but I’m just discovering the power of AS, but also its limitations. It seems like I need to get up to speed with ASObjC and Shane’s book seems to be the recommended starting point.

But fast spring is saying its not available …

Is it still available elsewhere ?

It’s temporarily unavailable, because of, well, reasons. if you’re in a hurry, send me a private message or email me.

Hi, I have the Third Edition, is there a later version? Thanks!

No – that’s the last version.

Now that I am retired and almost through my medical issues, I will have more time to spend on Applescript and related topics.

I’ve been wanting to buy a copy although I find the price change $15 to $200 US a little confusing (and daunting) and Ive been wondering how much of that $200 makes it back to Shane.

Me too! FastSpring accidentally put a link to copies at $200, but assure me it has been removed. If you have a link to the contrary, please let me pass it on for removal.

I have withdrawn it from store sale, for unrelated reasons, and I’m still considering how to proceed.