InDesign v19.4 changes in Applescript paths

Adobe made some changes in the Applescript model at version 19.4
“file path” of “links” are now POSIX path style and not HFS. Anybody knows if there is some documentation on the changes somewhere? I cannot find it over at, but I am may be seeking in all the wrong places.

tell document 1 of application “Adobe InDesign 2024” to get (file path of every link)
—> v19.3 returns “Macintosh ADHD:folder:image.jpg”
—> v19.4 returns “/Volumes/Macintosh ADHD/folder/image.jpg”


I don’t know if it is a mistake or an intentional choise
I’ve resolved adding a line to my scripts

tell app “Adobe InDesign 2024”
set mypath to file path of link 1 of active document as string
if mypath contains “/” then set mypath to my posixfile(mypath) – add this line
end tell

–add this function to convert / path to : path
on posixfile(mypath)
return POSIX file mypath as string
end posixfile

Thank you Marco.

I see I worded this poorly. The conversions are pretty straight forward, (but cubersome to do as to handle InDesign versions both before and after 19.3).

I mostly wonder what other changes were made? Anyone knows where to look for documentation?

here you can find the last scripting documentation

opening the indesign dictionary in script editor
I see that documentation is not changed about file path on macos

file path (text, r/o) : The file path (colon delimited on the Mac OS). Can also accept: alias or string.

EDIT: Oops I posted a PDF link that requires Adobe prerelease membership.

Here’s the relevant part (that’s by now public info):


This quiet change took by surprise many users. Especially those who use data merge that includes image paths - this screwed up their established workflows they used for years.

Perfect! Thank you very much @leo_r !

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