Include encrypted copy of script or rtf in run-only app?

I test my run-only scripts on systems where I don’t have a copy of the original editable version. When I find problems in the script, I now have to download the original from Dropbox or somewhere else, if I’ve remembered to save it online.

It seems as if it would be convenient to save an encrypted copy of the script or the recovery rtf in a run-only script bundle. Has anyone invented a method of doing that, or is there anything similar out there before I try to devise my own?

I use the technique of adding a string to a script name to make it do something, so a run-only script could presumably look for a string like getscript added to its name, and, if so, unzip the rtf or script using a password in the code (which would of course be invisible in a run-only app). But the major question is: is there an automated way to include the zipped rtf or script in a run-only app?

In general, it is easier and certain to manage the source code you have.

Yes, but perhaps it might be useful to have something like a “run on export” or “run on save” macro that we could use to perform various actions every time a script is exported or saved. It’s just a thought for some future version…