Importing clippings in 8A16

I’m working in macOS 10.15.7, and due to heavy production workload, need to keep SD7 for use. So I renamed the app to “Script Debugger 7” before first install of 8. The result is when I quit one version and launch the other, I always have to re-grant full disk access each time I quit one version and relaunch another.

That’s not a show stopper. But when I attempt to copy Clippings from the SD7 app support folder to SD8, SD8 crashes immediately (SD7 is not open during this process). If no version of SD is open, and copy clippings into the SD8 folder, SD8 crashes in the same way on launch. I’ve sent in the crash report. For now, I will need to abandon testing because of this. I may have time later to see if I can isolate it to any particular clippings.

Can you send me the clippings file?