Identify each AppleScript runtime environment

Hello, I’m identifing each AppleScript runtime environment. I think it is important to visualize each environment’s difference. I make the runtime table personally. But it is better to share and update with other people.

Each runtime programs has a little differences such as system limitation or runtime specific limitations. One can not call AppleScript Libraries. Other one runtime can not run .scptd file.

This is the way to identify each runtime name.

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This is extremely useful. Thank you for making it!

Could you add a row for Launch Daemons? They seem faster and more reliable than Folder Actions, although they are more difficult to set up. Thank you again.

Thanks. I uploaded this table to Google Spread Sheet. I want to share and update with other scripters.

I added Launch Agent, Event Script and Entangler.

launch agent’s runtime name will dependson how it runs. In this case, it is osasctipt.