IDE keystroke delays

Hi everyone!

I just purchased the app a few weeks ago to make debugging a bit easier, but I’m finding it is counterproductive because of the 2 second delays between when I click a key and when it appears in the source file.

I used it on my MBP 2013 with High Sierra first. Then a few days ago I got a MBP 2017 with Mojave and the problem is still there.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what was the solution?



If by that you mean just typing in the script document in SD7, then NO, I have never observed that.
I was running Sierra, and just upgraded to a new iMac-27 with Mojave, and SD7 ran fine on both Macs/OS’s.

My first guess is that you have some type of text expander running. If so, quit all of those, and try SD7 again.

If it persists and you can find no other remedies, then I’d suggest restarting your Mac in Safe Mode, that ensures no process or apps are run at startup. Then test SD7. If it works fine, then add, one-at-a-time, suspect apps/utilities, testing SD7 after each.

What is a text expander?

Is this related to a particular document, or generally?

A goggle will tell you all you need to know, faster than I can reply. :wink:

I thought you were referring to some sort of programming tool and no, nothing like that is installed on the machine.

It’s a fresh install of Mojave with very few extra apps installed… Chrome, Firefox, ARD, Microsoft Remote Desktop, Visual Studio Code (both release and Insider versions), Parallels, VirtualBox, and Jamf management tools. (Most of my work is done via local/remote VMs.) No extra kexts other than those installed by the above apps.

I’ve tried using ScriptDebugger on a fresh boot with nothing else loaded. Activity Monitor looks clean.

As for the slow typing, it seems to gradually get worse the longer I use the app, but sometimes it’s pretty bad after I first open my source file.

The source itself isn’t noteworthy other than the fact it is medium length (~1200 lines).

I’m taking a 6-week vacation on Saturday so we’ll have to pick this up in late July.

Thanks for the replies so far!

Lots of stuff there that might interfere.

I’d try restarting your Mac in Safe Mode, and opening ONLY SD7 and testing. That will tell you straight away if it is a SD7 issue, or something else. I would do this locally at the Mac in question.

When Script Debugger is performing poorly, please use Activity Monitor to collect some Sample Reports and send them to me. These Sample Reports may help us diagnose the cause of the slowdowns you are experiencing.

Hi Mark,

Sorry for the delay. I’m now on SD v7.0.10 and still experiencing the typing delays, but ironically no scrolling delays or any other type of delay that I can discern. One thing I didn’t mention explicitly before is that I am doing all of this editing via ARD (Apple Remote Desktop) but no other app behaves this way. I also use Apple’s Xcode and Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code (and Insiders) on the same MacMini (16GB & 350GB free). But with all these other debug environments I do not experience these delays.

As far as Activity Monitor reports go, are there any specific reports you’d like me to capture?


Please try using Activity Monitor to capture a Sample report while you are typing into Script Debugger. It will be a bit tricky to move between Script Debugger and Activity Monitor, but try several times. Lets hope that something useful shows up in one of the Sample Reports.