How Would I use AppleScript to automatically pause Final Cut playhead at a marker?

Wondering how I might accomplish the following with AppleScript:

I have a Final Cut project with a bunch (let’s say 10) markers that indicate stopping points. What I want to do is play through the timeline with the spacebar and then have Final Cut Pro automatically pause the playhead at each marker. Once I hit the spacebar, it pauses at the next one, and so forth.

How would I use this?

I am using it kind of as a presentation where each marker is a point where I pause and talk. Right now I have to watch the playhead and pause it at or near each playhead. I would like to be able to have Final Cut Pro do this automatically.

Is there a script I can write that would tell Final Cut Pro to automatically pause at each marker?

Love some help!

Thanks, awesome Script Debugger community!


(PS The reason I am using Final Cut Pro instead of Keynote is that the animations in Final Cut Pro are worlds better and I want to export it as a video when I am done and don’t want to duplicate my work)

you can’t script FCP, and I doubt it’s written in a way that allows for UI scripting. That team is actively hostile to any automation other than XML file formats, and has been since Apple acquired the product.


That’s surely a bummer. Thanks for the response!

You can use UI scripting, but it is a pita.
While versions up to 10.3 (or 10.2?) had a “fixed” window layout they use a “dynamic” one now. Means names and window id is never the same.
For personal use though it might work.
Create a loop to find out the ID of the timecode display.
Once you got it read the values as fast as possible (GUI scripting is slow). Once the value is a marker value send a key down event (k).

Not really true FCP 7 allowed a big bunch of Apple Events to be processed. X only a very few and they are pretty much useless.