How to stop/pause the idle thread?

I’m using the FancyDroplet from SD 8.0.3 Beta and I’ve added a preferences menu command to the main menu. This invokes a settings window made with Dialog Toolkit. It works well until I use an idle handler. Then the script often hangs when I want to show the window. I improve this situation by setting a variable “windowVisible”. If this is true, the idle handler immediatly returns without doing anything. But randomly the Scripts hangs when showing the Dialog Toolkit window. Disabling the idle handler fixes this.

So I think I need to pause the idle thread while running a subroutine from a menu command. Is this possible?

When you say your script hangs, what exactly happens?

  • does the script application become unresponsive and you get a SPOD?
  • does the script crash?

If the script SPODs, please collect a Sample report using the Activity Monitor utility and send that to me. Also, please send me the simplest possible script that demonstrates the problem you are experiencing.