How to setup Sparkle?

I’m evaluating the benefits of enhanced applications. I already realized that it’s not very useful for droplet/idle combinations but the Sparkle update mechanism seems to be interesting. The two sentences in the help are not very helpful and neither is the linked sparke website which tells me a lot of stuff about Xcode. I don’t know how to transfer the descriptions to Script Debugger. For example: how do I add a menu command “Check for Updates…”?

Is there an example, how to use Sparkle with SD7?

We hope to post an explanation shortly. The Check for Updates menu item will appear automatically.

As Shane says, more information about using Sparkle will be published shortly. Please see this blog post which describes enhanced applets in detail.

It is possible to have an enhanced droplet with an on idle handler. The drop target screen remains visible the whole time, but otherwise there should be the same level of functionality as offered by the standard applet shell. When you say ‘not very useful for droplet/idle combinations’, what are you referring to?

The enhanced applet is new feature and we want to improve it in upcoming Script Debugger 7 maintenance release. Any feedback you can offer will be a great help.