How to set the default color in the color picker without "choose color"?

I want the color picker to come up and have {64909, 32914, 2156} as the default color. I would like to NOT have to choose color, I would just like to have it already be there.

This line works but implements the choose color command: set theColor to choose color default color {64909, 32914, 2156}

How can I adjust it so it just sets the default color without having to choose it. My best attempts have not worked!


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I have a similar need, and would be interested in how you are using the color picker.

I would like to select text in an app, like Evernote, and run a script that sets the color of the text. Currently I have to manually bring up the color picker with ⇧⌘C, click on the color, and close the picker with ⇧⌘C again.

Any ideas?

You can’t. AppleScript dialogs are modal.