How to paste an AppleScript into my message like I have done on MacScripter for a decade or more

Look at all those icons there.
“[AppleScript] Which one lets me mark text as APPLESCRIPT CODE? Or do we not do that here?[/AppleScript][/Applescript]”

Well, neither of those attempts worked.

I think, folks, that if I can’t even figure out where to post a question, or how to identify my problem script as code, I’d better just go back to MacScripter where those things are easy as pie. Just don’t understand this forum. None of the most common actions are ever in the list of icons.

Hi Justin.

MacScripter’s [applescript] tags are unique to MacScripter. Ray had his developer add them to the site’s BBCode implementation.

The equivalent here is three back-ticks (```) on their own lines both above and below the AppleScript code.

This forum, like many (or even most) of those supporting macOS applications (OmniGroup, DEVONthink, TaskPaper, Tinderbox etc etc) use the forum software, in which Markdown markup can be used by default.

The tag icon in discourse software edit field toolbars gives you one Markdown convention for displaying code (four space indents on every line), and another is the ‘fenced’ code markup between triple backticks (optionally with a language name after the first 3 backticks, to specify syntax highlighting)

-- Several lines
-- of applescript 
-- can go here

which renders as:

-- Several lines
-- of applescript 
-- can go here
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Justin, welcome to the Late Night Software forum! I’m not a moderator or anything – just another user like you. Although it is obviously focused on support for Script Debugger, Mark and Shane seem to welcome all questions about AppleScript.

Things are only easy as pie once you know how to do them. At some point early on, you, and all of us, had to learn how to post in MacScripter.

But I have to share with you that the software this forum uses ( is far superior to just about any other forum I have ever used. With just a bit of patience and learning, you will learn to use and like it here. :smile:

You’ve already been shown how to put AppleScript in a Forum Code Block, but it also supports many other languages. For more info, see Using Discourse Code Blocks.

Finally you may want to read this guide. Although somewhat specific to the Discourse Meta Forum, it generally applies to all forums that use the Discourse software:

Discourse New User Guide

I just want to add two Safari extensions that are already written. I was advised to use Xcode. I’m very familiar with Xcode, but not for writing Safari extensions.

I can’t find anything on this forum - even my own questions, without hunting for 10 minutes.

The FAQ said nothing about using ``` for a simple AppleScript code block. Surely every new user needs that up front. Neither does it say “my posts” anywhere on the main page.

I’ll give MacScripter another shot. Usually I can find my answer there without even asking a question.

I know people are praising this forum software, but I don’t think it is appropriate for AppleScript. Lots of time, little information.