How to get the description of a compiled script?

If I remember well, the description of a compiled script is stored in its resource fork.
Is there any way to read it? (Shell, AppleScriptObjC or Objective C)
I tried with the shell command xattr -p 'somePath' but I don’t know what to do with the result it’s providing…

Apple’s DeRez command line tool is about the only thing for it.

Ok, Shane. Here is where I am:
set theData to do shell script "DeRez -script Roman -only 'TEXT'" & quoted form of thePath

It’s returning something like:

"data ‘TEXT’ (1128) {
$“736F 6D65 2074 6578 7420 696E 2064 6573” /* some text in des /
$“6372 6970 7469 6F6E 2070 616E 656C” /
cription panel */

data ‘TEXT’ (2001, “Source Text”) {
$“2D2D 206C 756E 6469 2034 206A 7569 6C6C” /* – lundi 4 juill */

Can’t find how to get the string of the first occurence from this “data-string-mess”.
Could you provide me with some example code?

Thanks. [and be safe]

I’m afraid not. It’s all based ancient Carbon code and encoded using pre-OS X text encoding and styling.