How to backup script libraries

Does anyone have any advice on making version backups (preferably in the cloud) of script libraries?

Like, I expect, many of you, I have my own script libraries that contain many functions that I use in various scripts. I store these in ~/Library/Script Libraries and update them reasonably frequently.

I use TimeMachine to backup my Mac to an external drive, and my TimeMachine backup does include those script libraries. Through TimeMachine I am able to view older versions of those script libraries at different points in time. But for something so important to me as my script libraries I don’t feel completely at ease with having only one backup strategy/failure point for those files.

Most of my other files are stored in Dropbox and for them I have not only the TimeMachine backup but also Dropbox’s version history feature which allows me to view and restore older versions and even deleted versions of the file. For some reason I tend to prefer Dropbox’s interface for recovering files or have a little more confidence in its reliability. I’m not sure there’s any real reason for that feeling now I’ve learned how to use TimeMachine but I definitely think multiple backups are better than one. But making my script libraries available to all scripts means storing them in ~/Library/ which kept them out of Dropbox.

What methods do other people use to backup their script libraries? Is there a way I can save them in Dropbox and still have them available system-wide? For example, could I save them in Dropbox and just save an alias in ~/Library/Script Libraries – would that still allow me to use them in my scripts and would Script Debugger understand and still include the actual script libraries (and not their aliases) when exporting run-only versions?

I use Carbon Copy Cloner. It runs every night at 11 pm. It backs up the entire disk in one run and selected directories in another.

Dropbox can be bad news with packages, so steer clear of it for libraries.