How to avoid autosave error

I keep getting this on every compile of a saved .app or scptd bundle, but then doing Command-S right after saves it just fine, so it doesn’t seem that I should be changing the permissions in the Get Info window as suggested.

Is there something I’m doing wrong that causes this, and how can I avoid it / turn it off?

(doesn’t appear to be the same problem as this).

Hmm, well having said that, I am now getting this error on any save action (incl’ ‘save a copy as’… to another location).

It’s getting worse. Now I can’t save the project at all. Even having complete rebuilt it and saved it to another location, as soon as I add stuff to the bundle, (copied through the finder as SD’s pane has turned out to be very buggy), I’m still locked out. I’ve checked the permissions on every file inside the bundle in ‘Get Info’ and all look correct.

There are some issues with broken APIs when writing to some volumes mounted via SMB.

Thanks for the reply. I couldn’t solve this issue or some related ones about adding things to the bundle, so last night I rewrote the whole app in Objective-C and moved the project to Xcode.

We are seeing this with a few other customers trying to edit files directly on SMB servers (AFP seems to work correctly). We are looking into alternatives to work around the problems which appear to be below our code.

Workaround for the near term: copy the file to your local disk, edit, and then copy back when done. Inconvenient, but reliable.

Well, I went throught all that. I created a new bundle and saved it locally. Then I copied the resources (Shane’s lib, a custom applet icns and a shell script) into the bundle (tried it both via SD - but that kept refusing to show the Script Libraries folder in its inspector view, so… - and directly in Finder), but then it wouldn’t re-save.

I appreciate there’s nothing you can do with so little info to go on, and I’m not willing to revisit it as I’ve moved the project to Xcode as I said, but I certainly wasn’t able to figure out how to manage a bundle that’s part of a developing project and to easily update and add to it over time. I hit all sorts of problems, maybe because I was approaching it with an Xcode mindset, that just made it painful. Not being able to easily stop the autosave process (even when it worked) was also annoying.

I think once before you mentioned something about possibly making SD project-based in the future. I can now see the real advantage of that when trying to manage .app or .scptd formatted projects. Never had any trouble with SD with .scpt, but I’m not keen to revisit making apps or bundles with it after this experience.