How not to start the debugger automatically when a script is run


(Emmanuel Jaep) #1


I’m a complete beginner with the script debugger, so please be forgiving if it is an obvious question.
I just created a script that I use to manipulate outlook messages. In order to use it, I saved into the outlook folder and display the Script menu in the menu bar.
I also had another script (edited with the script editor) in the same folder.

When I run the script written with script debugger, a new instance of script debugger is launched and I have to click on “run”.
When I run the script written with the script editor, the script is simply run.

My question is the following: Is there a way to save the script from script debugger in such a way it doesn’t open in script debugger every time I run it?

Thanks in advance for your help,


(Ed Stockly) #2

Welcome to the fun!

The answer to your question is yes. Before your save your script take it out of debugging mode.

Script Debugger has a great feature that allows you to debug scripts in the context from which they are called. When they are saved with debugging on and then launched from, for example, a script menu, the script opens in Script Debugger, allowing you to step through it live. To avoid this, turn off debugging mode before saving.

You can do that from the Script menu>Enable Debugging. Also, unless you’ve customized the toolbar layout there should be a debugging button that lets you toggle debugging on and off.


(Emmanuel Jaep) #3

That’s brilliant. Thank you!