How do you create an "authorised" applet


After using AS for a lot of personal tasks, I’m trying to make a shared applet, and I’m totally lost with today’s code signing & Co. What do I need to do, and how, so that it’s simple for an everyday user, one that just knows double-clicking an app ? (I don’t want to spend $99 for an open source freeware)

SD 8.0.3
Display Toolkit Plus 1.1.2

TIA for any information, link… that would enable me to “get over the wall”.

P.S. The role of the applet is to enable the user to have a list of signatures, see them randomly, choose one and paste it in is email, news app…

You won’t have to buy open source freeware, but you will need to get an Apple Developer membership for $99, and a free app from Late Night Software called SD Notary.

See this blog entry from Shane. It has a link to the latest version of SD Notary.

SD Notary: Notarizing Made Easy | Late Night Software

  • Membership in the Apple Developer Program. This costs $US99. This entitles you to generate a Developer ID code-signing certificate, which you need to sign code. See Apple Developer Program - Apple Developer .

(For what it’s worth I’m in the same boat as you. I need to start notarizing and code signing my apps for distribution, but so far I haven’t made much progress)


I learned that for legal reasons certain European associations can have a free membership. A lot of software companies* also offer free or low-cost access to their software for this user profile at certain conditions. I’ll digg into that. I know Apple offers a free membership but I haven’t yet found where you sign-in.