How Do I Record a Script, and View the Script?

###How Do I Record a Script, and View the Script?

It is pretty straightforward how to start and stop a script recording.
But where is the script recorded? Where is the resultant script?

When I stop the record, it offers no help.

When I search the SD6 Help system, it also offers no help on where to find the results:


If a scriptable application is also recordable, it translates user actions into AppleScript code. This is effectively the same AppleScript code that would be used to perform those same actions programmatically. Common examples (perhaps the only examples) of recordable applications are BBEdit and the Finder.

To start recording user actions:

Choose Script > Record and switch to the recordable application. (You can also add a Record button to the script window toolbar; in that case, you can click the Record button to start recording.)

Or, if you’re already in the recordable application, choose Record from Script Debugger’s Dock menu.

Once you’ve started recording user actions, perform actions directly in the recordable application. Script Debugger will record the AppleScript equivalent of each action. When you’re done recording:

Switch to Script Debugger and choose Script > Stop (or click the Record button in the toolbar again).

Or, choose Stop from Script Debugger’s Dock menu.

In the active script window.

Will this work trying to record actions in the SD6 app?
I tried a simple select, copy, paste (using the SD menu), but I didn’t see anything recorded.

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No, Script Debugger is not recordable. Few applications are now…

It would be most helpful if you would mention that in the SD6 Help system in the “Record” section. Would have saved me a lot of wasted time.

Fair enough, but in no place do we advertise Script Debugger as being recordable. It is only partially scriptable.

Recording is a feature of AppleScript, which Script Debugger facilitates. It has become an anachronism because recording was not build into Cocoa Scripting resulting in no new apps being recordable since the introduction of Mac OS X.


I’m sure that both of your statements are very obvious to all of you long time AppleScript users/masters. But to new AppleScript users, not so much.

You might consider that some users will interpret the existence of a “Record” menu item in SD6 to imply that SD6 is recordable.

Again, I suggest you make an effort to make the Help system more clear on topics like this. Just adding your above statement to Help would be most helpful.

Finally, I’ve seen a number of apps that display a special message the first time a user executes a menu item, that provide helpful info likely needed. You might consider the same with the “Record” menu.

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