How Do I Optimise Code Debugger for Extensive Apple Script Assignments?

Hello Everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

I have been using the code a debugger for some time; mostly for simple apple script work. But I am at present working on a more difficult project that involves linking a lot of apple scripts with a variety of tools; like adobe in design; MS excel, and apple pro. As I progress through this project, I have faced a few issues, and I am looking for guidance from more experienced users on how to make the code a debugger for handling such complicated tasks.

  • I have found that as the quantity and variation of my programs have grown, the code debugger functionality while testing has decreased. Are there any suggestions I can change to boost efficiency while analysing big code?
  • Since the quantity of code and the number of connections between multiple programs have increased; structuring my code has become pretty hard. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to structure apple script projects so that they are easy to read and manage? Are there any code debugger features that I am not using that could help with this?
  • Beginning to manage errors is essential to the consistency of my code when working with multiple apps. Which methods would you suggest for creating robust corrections in applescript?
  • Some of my projects include automating routine methods in multiple programs. Are there any strategies in code debugger that can help with this phase?
  • Would you have any technical resources, tutorials, and community discussions that you believe are very useful for complicated applescript tasks?

I am trying to get the most out of the code and would appreciate any suggestions, and knowledge you may have.I have gone through some posts related to this, but I am looking for more detailed guidance through your suggestions that can improve efficiency, and structure code. Your experience and skills would be highly helpful in assisting me to overcome the challenges.

Thank you in advance for your efforts. :saluting_face: :heart:
I look forward to communicating with this engaged group and enhancing my coding skills with your help.

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