How do I improve the efficiency of resolving complex issues?

Hello everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

I have been looking into its features to improve my programming skills. I am most interested in improving the efficiency of my programs and successfully identifying difficult problems. Could anyone give any tips or best practices for achieving this?

How to Improve scripts are run and uncover problems with performance. and methods for testing programs with many variables and logic.

I am excited to learn from the experiences of others. It would be greatly appreciated. Any advice Thank you in advance.

If you’re not already doing this I recommend using handlers for often repeated operations.

You get a handler nailed down so it’s error free, save it in Script Debugger’s clipping folder and it’s available for any script.

The next step beyond that is to start using AppleScript Library scripts, which make those handlers available system wide and which you can share with your scripts.

Also, check out “ScriptGeek” from Shane Stanley. It is an application designed to time execution of appleScripts, which helps find the most efficient methods.

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