How do I create a script using AppleScriptObjC and NSTableView?

I’m trying to create an interface for an AppleScript without using Xcode. I need the script to run as a script not an Application. I am working with a tool that will allow users to save AppleScripts and execute them in the application. I have reviewed ‘Everyday AppleScriptObjC’. This looks promising, but I have two questions.

Does anyone have sample code for creating and populated an NSTableView with data that follows the same examples used in chapter 26 of ‘Everyday AppleScriptObjC’?

Next, can the script run as a script or does it need to be an application? The reason I ask is due to the requirement “This script must be run from the main thread.”

Other than using my Myriad Tables Lib, I wouldn’t dream of trying to use a table view outside Xcode. It’s theoretically possible, but you will need a sound knowledge of how Cocoa table views work.