Horizontal scrollbar too big in Script Debugger 8 (8A16)

I have some rather long lines in my script. When opening this script, the horizontal scrollbar is too long, preventing me from getting to the end of the long lines.

SD8 (8A16)
macOS 10.14.6
virtual VMWare machine

Note: screeshots can be provided to the development team in private.

Thank you for the report. We can reproduce the problem here and a fix will be forthcoming.

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I just installed 8A18, and the horizontal scrollbar works how it can be expected.

In older versions, it could be made working by double-clicking on the topmost toolbar to make it full screen (but not the same kind of full screen as by clicking on the green button in the toolbar). Double-clicking again caused the scrollbar to shrink to the right size. (but this workaround is now moot with version 8A18…)

Thank you for fixing this issue.