Hookmark and AppleScript using Script Debugger

Originally published at: https://latenightsw.com/hookmark-and-applescript-using-script-debugger/

Hookmark Pro is a universal bookmarking tool which can use AppleScript to provide powerful and flexible integration with other applications. The Hookmark Pro folks have published a video demonstrating how to integrate Script Debugger with Hookmark Pro to make AppleScript development mode productive.

Thanks for drawing your readers’ attention to Hookmark, Mark. All, I’m a co-founder of CogSci Apps Corp. which makes Hookmark and mySleepButton, also based in :canada: .

This promo code, “Script-Debugger-Promo”, gives 30% off Hookmark till the end of the month of April. If anyone has questions, feel free to ask here.

Hookmark’s script editor is not meant for writing scripts. The idea is to write scripts in Script Debugger, and paste them in Hookmark’s Scripts field.

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