High Sierra AppleScriptObjC Bugs

Originally published at: http://latenightsw.com/high-sierra-applescriptobjc-bugs/

The latest version of macOS, High Sierra (10.13), has been released, and there are a series of bugs to look out for. Several involve AppleScriptObjC, so if you don’t use it — or any libraries or applications built with it — you will not be affected. If you do, there are coding workarounds. enum NSNotFound.…


Great article, thanks! I had only noticed the first two bugs so far. But it seems like all of them could have / should have been fixed before a public release. Oh well.

Apple’s bug handling system is pretty opaque, but my sense is that some areas are quarantined from all but the most serious bugs very early in the cycle — maybe even from the beginning.

Any fixes in 10.13.1 ?

I’ve only done a cursory check, but I believe not.