Help us identify the work needed to complete UI Browser 4

I’ve had a few queries from people asking how they can contribute to UI Browser 4. The first task is to identify the work needed to get UI Browser 4 into a state where it is usable. If you want to help and have experience with UI Browser 3, please take some time to write bug reports for the pieces that are missing from UI Browser 4. Please post your bug reports to the UI Browser > Issues category and follow the template provided.

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Hey Mark, this is all very interesting.

Couple things, I installed and tried to run UI Browser 4.0.0 and nothing worked. Also, it seems to have reset my installed UI Browser 3.x to unregistered. (I’m going to have to lookup my registration info).

Second, for those of us not that familiar with github, would it be possible to always have a link to the most recent builds of UIB 4.x.x to test?