Help SD Crashing where's the temp file?

I crashed during running a script and now can’t open Script Debugger. I forgot where the temp file is to delete to stop it from opening the last file that was open…help anyone is appreciated.

Please send along the crash report you are seeing so we can try and address the underlying problem.

There are two ways scripts get re-opened on launch:

  • The Remember Open Scripts preference is checked. To reset this, delete the the Script Debugger preferences file:


    NOTE: you’ll be prompted to re-enter your Script Debugger registration number(s) so have them handy.

  • Unsaved documents. If Script Debugger crashed with documents opened with unsaved changes, the system will try to reopen these documents for you. If the documents are unsaved (new), look in the ~/Library/Autosave Information folder. If the documents exist, the auto-save file will be in the same folder as the document.

Somehow I got it resolved. Tried everything I could think of before you posted. I rebooted and a window popped up the last time it popped up with a dialog said there was a file open last time application was open. That dialog never popped up before the reboot and I told it not to open the file. Strange, is that script debugger or the Mac OS?