Help is looking pretty good, but I have a few notes


I think it would be good to include the file extensions for each.

Opening a Compiled Script as Text

This indicates that something has gone wrong with the decompilation process

Shouldn’t that be “compilation process” or “with compiling the script.” (Unless decompilation is a thing)

in order for AppleScript to decompile it.

Same thing.

There’s no navigation link for the next page at the bottom of this page


The Script Debugger 5 feature that exports the Manifest dialog’s contents as a text file is not present in Script Debugger 7. But you can write your own equivalent by scripting Script Debugger to get a document’s used applications, used script libraries, used scripting additions, and used frameworks.

Is it necessary to mention a feature that was two versions ago?


On overriding droplet features, should the entry for folders and volumes be mentioned

No navigation link for next page at bottom. I guess because it’s going to a new section?

Explorer Windows

On this page there are references to SD6 in several blue examples. Should that be SD7?

With best/source and AEPrint, I think it might be good to have a couple examples of the same item displayed all three ways.

The folder listed is a SD 6 folder, should be 7 (or desktop, the other two show the desktop)


This is the reference section

Is this unfinished?

Application Menu

Should the “About SD” item be included

Purchase Script Debugger

This is not an option on mine, even in lite or demo modes

Should be a [beta testing] post…

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Whoops, did I goof? I think it must have been moved

It is. You compile source code into bytecode, and you decompile bytecode into source code.

Why do you ask? Or perhaps, how does it appear unfinished to you?

The style for the reference section doesn’t match the rest.

This is the reference section.

It surveys Script Debugger’s menus.

It describes Script Debugger’s preferences.

It discusses Script Debugger’s windows.

It provides a brief glossary and answers some frequently asked questions.

A few more notes (overall a good job on a huge undertaking!)


Reload All

Shouldn’t these be active only if the explorer is showing? Or indented below the Show Explorer selection?

Also, should these commands be at the top of the nemu? That seems rather prominent for conditionally used commands

Should Reload All also have a “paid” image in the help file?

Glossary: Use statement

The navigation links at the bottom of the page are both on the left side.

“Version Browser” should be on the right.

That’s deliberate — thus the name.

OK, as a reader I thought it seemed unfinished, almost like placeholder text.

I don’t see a difference between the icons for an enhanced applet and a standard droplet on the Application page of help.

Shouldn’t there be four icons?

Images seem to be missing for Scripting additions on “Types of Entities Shown in the Terminology List”

I’m not sure what you mean — there is no image for Scripting Additions (apart from the icons of the additions of themselves, which can vary.)

On my system at work, these images were missing:

Individual scripting additions are marked as to their location, namely the ScriptingAdditions folder in the Library at the system (image), computer (image), user (image), or network (image) level.

On this page: sd7help/indexfolder/explorefolder/dictionafolder/dictwindowfolder/browserfolder/browseritemtypes.html

Just updated and checked at home and they are there.

–> Script Debugger 7.0 (7A35)
–> Script Debugger 6.0.8 (6A221)
–> Mac OS 10.11.6 (15G19009)

I can’t explain that – they’re part of the bundle. That has to be a glitch in the browser.

Yes, it’s odd. They are visible when I open using the System Help, but those images are missing when I open using the Default Browser. As far as I can tell, those are the only missing images.

(Although, the icons for the Enhanced Applet and Standard Droplet look very very similar. (Should there also be an Enhanced Droplet icon, or is that not a thing?)

They’re also the only .tiff files. I’ll see if I can change that.

The final Enhanced Applet icons are still to come.

By the way, I thought it was nice to see a gif start playing on a help page. I liked it so much I wished there were more!

One more note, on the landing page, I think a more prominent link to the table of contents would be a good idea. Once you’ve opened help a couple times, you don’t want to scroll to the bottom of that page to find the link to the TOC.

And I find the TOC very helpful I use it nearly every time I use help. If that were the landing page that would be fine, but just a very prominent link to the TOC would be fine.

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Also, for the Right Arrow navigation icon on the first page should take you to table of contents. Instead it skips TOC and goes to the first chapter, where the RIGHT arrow navigation link takes you to TOC and the left arrow navigation link takes you to the landing page. It just seems they are out of order or counter intuitive.

(If you use the Right Arrow to go to TOC on the landing page, It should be labeled as such).

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Maybe a glossary item explaining that?

I don’t recall seeing that term in previous help versions.