Hang while evaluating

This has happened three times in a row. I had a few windows open, including a window containing the script below. I selected the entire script then copied and went to Safari, pasted it into a message, posted the message and returned to Script Debugger.

In SD, the script was highlighted, there was a tip tool visible that read “evaluating…” and SD was hung (spinning rainbow cursor). Had to force quit.

When it relaunched all the windows opened again. I selected all in the window that had hung, and moved the cursor around. A big tool tip (the whole script?) flashed for a second, then was replaced by the “evaluating…” tool tip, and SD was hung.

Force quit, opened SD again. Brought that script to the front, selected all, saw the big tool tip flash, got the evaluating tool tip. Moved the cursor around and hung.

Only option is to force quit. (Also no SD crash reporter window. The first time I force quit I got the apple crash reporter and I saved that here:

–> Script Debugger 7.0.7 (7A72)
–> Mac OS 10.13.6 (17G5019)

use scripting additions
use script "Myriad Tables Lib" version "1.0.7"

set tableData to {{"Thursday, March 7, 2019", "TV Ratings"}, {"Thursday, March 7, 2019", "TV Highlights"}, {"Friday, March 8, 2019", "TV Highlights"}, {"Saturday, March 9, 2019", "TV Highlights"}, {"Sunday, March 10, 2019", "Calendar Letters"}}

set tableTitle to "Pick Product and Date"
set tablePrompt to "Choose the product and date to order"
set multipleSections to false
set addOrDelete to false
set editableColumns to {}
set columnHeadings to {"Publication Date", "Product"}
set rowNumbering to false
set emptySelectionAllowed to true

--display table with data
set tableResult to display table with data tableData ¬
   with title tableTitle ¬
   with prompt tablePrompt ¬
   multiple selections allowed multipleSections ¬
   can add and delete addOrDelete ¬
   editable columns editableColumns ¬
   column headings columnHeadings ¬
   row numbering rowNumbering ¬
   empty selection allowed emptySelectionAllowed ¬