Grant file access dialogs on Mac M1 when running AppleScript

This may not be AppleScript issue but wondered if anyone else has experienced this issue while running AS. We have a new user that was provisioned an Apple MacBookPro with the M1 chip. We’re trying to run our applescript apps, they run, and she is prompted to grant access to Finder/System Events/etc but those dialogs become unresponsive and can’t click on the OK button. Keyboard can’t be used either to grant access.

Can occasionally get it to grant access but then requires a restart for the settings to stick. After writing this it definitely sounds like an OS issue but I haven’t been able to find any other posts or solutions.

I’ve noticed this as well on my M1 MacBook Pro 16" i have found that if you select the dialog box and move it off the window it is over you can click it. Wierd but seems repeatable, agree it is some sort of OS issue.

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