Googling doesn't find this forum easily

Today I googled “applescript forum”. MacScript was top hit.
This forum, however, didn’t appear in the first 30 hits at all.
I wonder if the keywords or title on the main site could be improved to help with that. Unless you only want SD users here, of course.

I welcome everyone, not just Script Debugger users.

I have been trying to improve the forum’s positioning on Google. I think there need to be more inbound links to improve this site’s ranking. MacScripter has been around for a long time and has a huge number of inbound references which helps it maintain its spot in search results.

When I look at this site’s source, the word “applescript” appears only very far down in the content area. I believe Google still uses keywords and title and other text from the top of a page for priorization, though clearly not exclusively. There’a also a “description” header tag, I believe.